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Hi, welcome to our humble blog. I’m Vincent Chua, and if you have been a KOF fan for quite a while, you might have visited our previous website at http://www.kofonline.com, based on The King of Fighters (KOF) Series, a popular 2D fighting game created by SNK Playmore.

This blog is named after the website’s name ‘The King of Fighters Online’. The site is no longer available and the domain name has since been taken over by others after we decided we close the site few years back, but some of its contents can still be found in the Web’s Archives.

Being a fan blog, this site will contain consolidation and selection of related news and information gathered from various websites on the Web, with due credits given to them. There’s currently no plans to provide detailed information such as movelists and combos on this blog yet, though that might change as this site gradually evolves.

So what made me decided to return to the KOF scene after abandoning it? I have been into Xbox and Xbox 360 the past few years, and now there are confirmed news that the latest installment of the KOF series will be making its way to Xbox 360 in April 2009! This certainly is great news to Xbox 360 owners and KOF fans alike, and this has motivated me to create this simple KOF-related blog.

This is the first time SNK Playmore is making a complete revamp to its sprites (i.e. drawings of its characters, weapons etc in-game) after a long 14 years since the series’ debut, and they have announced 100% hand-drawn animations for this upcoming game. This revamp was actually long overdue but KOF fans are of course still welcoming this big change, with high expectations.

This latest installment is titled ‘The King of Fighters XII’, and let’s hope SNK Playmore will not disappoint us this time, and allow us to revive the good old days of KOF!


14 Responses to About Us

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Vincent, it has been ages since we last met. I wonder do you still remember me. I used to be known as “Beni-gal”, “K-gal” and “KOF-gal”.

    How have you been? Glad to know that you, your beautiful wife and kid seem to be doing well. Nice blogs you’ve got here. 🙂

    I am really happy to know that you are still into KOF. The above website is a newly created account of mine which currently consists of the recently ended KOF XIII tournament (with other related links). Feel free to check it out.

    Lastly, may the KOF spirit be with you always… 🙂


    * I would like to send my regards to you and your family, take care. 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Did you receive my messages?? ^^

  3. fan says:

    Its really you?
    nice blog
    kof XIII is already here

  4. WaveSurfer says:

    Yes, but that was so, so long ago already :p

    Have quit playing KOF actually 🙂

  5. fan says:

    wow but you still are like a legend really xD you know the best kof fan website, I liked that place.you were the only one that had kof manwas in english ):
    I also quit playing kof but then the kof ovas came out and that got me in then I quit and saw kof XIII and I´m in once again XD , the movie is a shame for the series Dx .
    Nice to meet you ,take care is good to know that you are ok xD
    also hi to Cat bye .

    I hope you like kof again (x

  6. Jorge says:

    Hi!! Im a big fan of your old page..Im from mexico..

  7. Kensou77 says:

    Hey Vincent! I never knew you “returned”! It’s been far too long!

    How have you been?? and yes, I’ve missed http://www.kofonline.com.
    Have you played KoF13?

    I think the best with KoF is still 2002Unlimited Match (some prefer 98Ultimate Match) and KoF11. I do enjoy 13 though.

  8. WaveSurfer says:

    Hi fan and Jorge,
    Sorry for the VERY late reply (two years late!). Never been maintaining this blog so didn’t notice the comments until Kensou77’s comments. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    Hi Kensou77,
    LOL I’m still alive and kicking, if that’s what you mean. Wow KOF is really something long long ago in my life (though I still have great memories about the tournaments etc). 🙂

    I did play the recent KOF games a little but somehow they just didn’t feel the same way as those older versions you mentioned. Kinda sad but guess that’s how it is.

    Nowadays I’m more into mobile games since it’s more economical and requires less time commitment. Currently am playing Chain Chronicle, which is set for global release on 8th December 2014. Do try it too! 🙂

    See you around!

  9. Kensou77 says:

    Haha, Chain Chronicle. I have that on my vita.

    I mostly play fighters with friends.
    Arcana Heart 3 (I heard Examu is made up of ex-SNK staff).
    Chaos Code by FK Digital might also be of interest to you because I’ve heard some people say it is like King of Fighters.

    I love those two games right now.

    also playing Dengeki Bunko right now

  10. Kennedy says:

    Hi mr vincent chua, fellow singaporean here. I have been a long AND LOYAL SUPPORTER of kofonline in the good old days, always love your 99 and 2000 movelists,the forums, everything. I may not met you before but i would like to see you in person in bugis arcade. My name is ken and you can sms me at 83493588. I am a die hard supporter of your site and just wanna have a coffee or a game with you if we meet, take care and God bless!

  11. Kensou77 says:

    Have you kept up with KOF14 news?

  12. kyo_k says:

    wow vincent. Really missed your page and content. Its been so long. hope you’re doing well

  13. Vin says:

    Hi kyo_k,

    Thanks for leaving a message! Your nick sure sounds familiar and I believe you are one of the most active contributors of combos and move lists that time at KOFOnline!

    Yes things are fine at my side, with a regular office job and doing fine with my family!

    Yes the KOF times were great memories and how times have flown by so quickly. Has it been like almost 20 years ago already?

    Hope everything is fine on your side too! Cheers!

  14. Phenomenon9999 says:

    Hi Vincent! OMG… Ive been looking for this archive for so long in the past year. I have fond memories of your site until it was taken over by the failed and terrible online KOF game. Ive been looking so long for the archive of the KOF comics which I had fond memories of from your site and it was translated with selected images. It made me love the KOF series so much more and because it was transalated from Chinese. It was so amazing and I am glad you made this blog and link just to bring it up. (You still cant find any details of the KOF comics online theses day or even have a complete version of it fully scanned)

    I just wanted to tell you that back then, bringing and translating the comics were so good. I remember how sad i was when you annouced the site was closing and no other KOF site was the same.

    There is so much more praise I wanted to say to you and the love for KOF which still sticks with me today. Your original site was a big impact on me back then and want to say thanks.

    Hope you have a great life and play KOF98UM Online for mobile devices!!!

    A lurking fan: phenomenon9999!

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