KOF XII Lobby System on Consoles

According to this Japanese website, the console versions (Xbox360/pS3) of KOF XII will consist of the following:

  • Selection of Arcade Match, Ranked Match and Player Match
  • In Ranked and Player Matches, rooms can be created with customised names
  • Single or Team games can be chosen (1 vs 1 or 3 vs 3) with up to a maximum of 8 players in the lobby. For Team games, players will be split into teams of 3 each and fight against the other team, with each one using one unique character in the team
  • Clan features will be available
  • Match replay features will be available
  • There are also SIMPLE and NORMAL modes, which seem to provide easier command excutions for the former mode
  • Gallery Mode is available
  • Limited Editions of KOF XII will come with a KOF 15th Anniversary Special Soundtrack and trading card game

Here are the screenshots for the Options and Lobby menus (click for the larger versions):




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