KOF XII Cover Art (Xbox 360)

Found this cover art for the Xbox 360 version for The King of Fighters XII from Amazon. Wonder if this will be the confirmed cover art?



3 Responses to KOF XII Cover Art (Xbox 360)

  1. anonymous says:

    Looks sleek and simple. I am guessing ignition the distrubitor.

  2. KeNn says:

    Hiya Vincent chanced upon this blog when I did some Kof web surfing out of boredom. I used to surf your kofonline everyday 10 years ago, was really a pleasure =) Just wanna thank you for taking the time to do a sg based kof website back then!

  3. WaveSurfer says:

    Hi Kenn,

    Thanks for your compliments! Time really flies; was it already 10 years? o_0|

    I’ve heard KOF XII arcade machines have already arrived in Singapore. So far it has been spotted at Plaza Singapura. Don’t think I have the luxury to check it out there so I’ll only be waiting for the Xbox360 version. ^^

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