KOF XII Comics in the Works

SNK Playmore Hong Kong’s official website has released information on its upcoming KOF XII comics, planned to be released on April 2009.


The original story and supervision will be by SNK Playmore, though without a proper storyline in the game itself (unlike in the Orochi era, for example), I wonder what kind of ‘official’ storyline will the company comes out with this time round.

The comics’ art director is  Khoo Fuk-Lung (邱福龙) from Lucky Dragon Comics & Animation Ltd. (福龙动漫画有限公司), and you may view some of his works here on his blog.


5 Responses to KOF XII Comics in the Works

  1. AbRaham says:

    Wow, The KoF XII in April….


    In my opinion Kof XII will be a great game

    Graphicss & PlayMode

    But, There Are JUST 20 Characters

    We’re The OThers ….

    Just they disappeared


  2. sgwavesurfer says:

    Let’s hope quality will prove to be more important than quantity for KOF XII. At least most of the characters that I wish to use are in the roster. ^^

  3. Anonymous says:

    Amen, I was hoping for Kula, K’, Whip and maybe some more. How can they not have K’.
    Got my preorder in.
    Thanks for the upload of pictures on the oct 16 08 posting.

  4. sgwavesurfer says:

    I agree they shouldn’t have left out K’; he was the main character in the NESTS era. Looks like most of NESTS era characters have been left out, replaced by the Ash era.

    Glad you liked those hi-res official artwork. I’m still sourcing for the remaining characters’ portraits but unfortunately to no avail.

  5. AbRaham says:

    yeah K is an important character in the saga…

    but there are others importants t00

    Kula,Vanessa ,Maxima,Mary ,Ramon,Even the nws Characters in the KOF XI,Oswald,Momoko ,Elisabeth
    Or the Mark Wolf of the wolves TEAM ( that I love it)
    Gato ,Tizoc,Bono Jenet
    Eiji too was a great character on the Kof XI


    Well, I hope that it workth it

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